Everything to Know About Kodai Senga

Everything to Know About Kodai Senga

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Every year, we see a new Japanese player emerge as a top free agent. This year may be the best player we’ve seen cross overseas since Shohei Ohtani. Meet Kodai Senga, a decade-long ace of the NPB.

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00:00 – 00:46 Introduction
00:47 – 02:20 Meet Kodai
02:21 – 02:57 WBC Star
02:58 – 04:41 Ace of the NPB
04:42 – 05:45 Free Agency
05:46 – 07:57 Kodai’s Arsenal
07:58 – 09:16 Kodai’s Faults
09:17 – 11:12 Senga Sweepstakes
11:13 – 12:13 Today’s Sponsor

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