The Top 12 Games of Shohei Ohtani’s Historic 2022 Season | 12 Days of Shohei Ohtani

The Top 12 Games of Shohei Ohtani’s Historic 2022 Season | 12 Days of Shohei Ohtani

As we close out 2022 and enter that Christmas-y time of the year, I thought why not look back at the 12 best games of Shohei Ohtani’s 2022 season?

I rank Shohei Ohtani’s best performances based on Tom Tango’s version of Game Score for pitching and ESPN’s formula for hitting.

For Game Score V2.0, I used Tango’s version instead of the OG Bill James formula because the updated formula takes into account the home runs given up by starting pitchers. Also the constant in Tango’s version varies year-to-year at around 40. I found that 39 was the appropriate constant for 2022.

Game Score V2.0 =
39 + 2*(outs recorded) + 1*(strikeouts) – 2*(walks) – 2*(hits) – 3*(runs) – 6*(home runs)

For the ESPN formula ESPN*, I had a little trouble finding a breakdown of it. I have contacted ESPN and will update as soon as I hear something. However, if you cross-examine the top offensive performances of 2022, it seems to check out.

59 + H + R + .25*(BB) + .25*(HBP) + TB + .25*(SB) – .25*(CS) + .25*(SacFlies) + .25*(SacHits) + RBI – .25*(K) – .25*(Out)

Mizuki – Bad Snacks
Schizo – Anno Domini Beats
True Messiah – DJ Freedem
Drop – Anno Domini Beats
Teasing the King – Nathan Moore
Beach Walk – Unicorn Heads

0:00 Intro
1:40 No. 12: 104 MPH homer, 101 MPH strikeout
2:19 No. 11: No bat? No problem!
2:58 No. 10: Monster v Monster
3:39 No. 9: Video game stuff
4:44 No. 8: Texas breakout
5:22 No. 7: Triple threat
6:02 No. 6: What can’t Shohei do?!
7:09 No. 5: Shohei really is a nice guy
8:04 No. 4: Tungsten Arm O’Doyle
8:32 No. 3: Grand slam, grand hopes
9:49 No. 2: 8 RBIs, 13 Ks
12:10 No. 1: The wonderful, the incredible, the one and only Shohei Ohtani

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Shohei Ohtani – The Pitcher

Shohei Ohtani – The Hitter

Game Score Version 2.0 (Pitching)

Game Score Version 2.0

ESPN* Formula (Hitting)

Shohei Ohtani Pitching Game Logs 2022

Shohei Ohtani Batting Game Logs 2022

Shohei Ohtani – Making History (

Shohei Ohtani “definitely enjoying” MVP race – No. 1 v Athletics (

Historic 2-game Sho – No. 2 v Royals (

Shohei Ohtani reenters history books – No.4 v Mariners (,the%20Majors%20or%20in%20Japan.

Baseball Fight Club

Sorry, Dodgers fans. The Angels are Southern California’s most fun team to watch – LA Times (the one and only time I wish to link a Dylan Hernández article LMAO)

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