Shohei Ohtani is RED Hot & Cardinals are in a Dark Place | 676

Shohei Ohtani is RED Hot & Cardinals are in a Dark Place | 676

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0:00 Happy Birthday, Trevor Plouffe!
3:50 Corbin Carroll
4:50 A Heartwarming Story is Coming Up
7:40 National League Recap
11:40 Phillies Have Turned It On
17:40 San Francisco Giants Have Joined the Party
23:35 Cardinals are BAD
28:40 Cubs Sweep Pirates
32:25 American League Recap
36:45 Angels Beat the Rangers
45:10 A’s Fans Reverse Boycott
53:45 Orioles Beat Toronto
59:35 The Ladies Love Drake Songs
1:02:05 Interleague Recap
1:07:50 Mariners Beat the Marlins
1:12:35 Rockies Beat Boston, Daniel Bard’s Return to Fenway
1:16:00 Braves-Tigers
1:1:20:15 Padres-Guardians
1:23:10 Are the Reds America’s Team?
1:25:00 Dodgers-White Sox
1:29:25 Twins Sweep Brewers
1:32:10 Standout Performance: Hogan Harris
1:35:15 Standout Performance: Shohei Ohtani
1:36:50 En Fuego
1:39:20 Tolkien Baseball: AL & NL Central
1:46:30 Eury Perez

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