Eagles Frustrations, Travis’ Touchdown That Wasn’t and Shohei’s $700 million Contract | Ep 68

Eagles Frustrations, Travis’ Touchdown That Wasn’t and Shohei’s $700 million Contract | Ep 68

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We also answer some “No Dumb Questions” about what to eat in Cleveland, who can lift more, where we almost went to school besides Cincinnati, and what happens to a player after they get ejected from a game.

We then get into another tough week for the Eagles and Chiefs. Travis breaks the insane lateral that unfortunately did not count and how he’s feeling about his teammates’ reactions. Jason reveals the Eagles’ locker room mentality after another letdown against the Cowboys and how they are using the adversity to come together as a team.

We also get into other wild stories from Week 14 in the NFL including an electric MNF, the reveal of Tommy DeVito’s agent, DK Metcalf’s sign language shit talk, and outside of the league, we had to discuss the record-setting contract signed by new Los Angeles Dodger, Shohei Ohtani.

We will be back Friday with a preview of the Chiefs at Patriots and the Eagles at Seattle. We’ll also break down more of your submissions for the upcoming Greatest Highlight of All Time Bracket.

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00:00 – Intro
01:46 – New Heights Starter Jacket
05:00 – Anarchy in the UK Jersey Sales
8:00 – Fan Mentions of the Week
16:11 – NDQ: Tour Cleveland, Lifting, Colleges, and Ejections.
35:15 – Bills/Chiefs Recap
41:00 – The Lateral
58:20 – Cowboys/Eagles Recap
01:07:08 – Week 14 Recap
01:15:08 – Ohtani Contract
01:22:4: Stamp of the Week
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